Extend the reach of your iOS application with Live Activities

Hi, I'm Arnaud @ArnaudDerosin. I am working as a Mobile Engineer at Nature and for this 16th day of the Nature Engineering Blog Festival (July 2023) my topic is about iOS Live Activities. First, I decided to request this useful friend to g…

Webアプリ開発者が出会ったReact Nativeエピソード5選

Web開発者がReact Nativeに出会ったエピソード5選。React Nativeを使ったモバイルアプリ開発。

Add native iOS / Android widget to your React Native application

This article is the 6th day of the Nature Remo Advent Calendar 2022, an event where during the first 25th days of December we will write articles related to Nature. Please have a look to read some awesome stories. Introduction…